Marketing Monday: Hit In The Pocket Again!

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This year is starting off as an expensive one already.  The Payroll tax reduced my JOB’s paycheck (and my wife’s) by more the $100 per check; – $5000!  Wells Fargo informed us that they didn’t charge us enough money last year to pay our property taxes through the mortgage escrow,  so they tacked on an addition $150 per month to pay back the shortage; – $1800!  Oh and our Property Taxes went up this year; -$1000! If you are keeping …

postcard mania

Marketing Monday: Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

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I’m finally getting back into the swing of things and have been putting together some mailings using the new system.  There have been a lot of starts and stops for one reason or another but after 3 weeks of trial testing Beta 6, I’ve got most of the errors out.   Even still, there are some areas that I’ve been reworking because I found them to be either confusing, not working as intended or Chris or my partner have suggested …

Holy Crap!….It’s already January 11th

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Man Oh Man have I been busy ever since Christmas! I’m getting to the point in my life where I don’t like to take extended breaks from anything because it is so hard to ramp myself back up again. Christmas and New Years does this to me every year. I’m a man of routine and when that routine gets broken I have a hard time getting back to it. It all comes back to momentum I think. I’ve spent the …