Marketing Monday: Seller Voicemail Examples

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I’ve been getting a very good response rate over the past month with my out of state owners mailings.  The response rate has been around 15% to 20%, I don’t have an exact figure yet but I will once I update my database with the recent round of calls I got last week.  Once I do that I’ll post some more stats on how things are going.

In the mean time I wanted to share some of the voice mail responses that I’ve gotten.  I chose a 3 of them from the past 2 weeks that I either found interesting or funny.

Voicemail #1

This first one is just a lady who doesn’t sound motivated at all and is just trying to feel me out I think.  It’s also a condo that I’m not very interested in at the moment.

[audio:|titles=Real Estate Investing Seller voicemail #1]

Voicemail #2

This next one is a typical call that I get.  The gentleman is trying to find out what we are about and whether I am a company or an individual who wants to buy his property.  This guy also thanks me for the hand written letter, which is good because I printed the letter out on my computer using my hand written font.

[audio:|titles=oos voicemail-2]

Voicemail #3

This last one is from a guy who seems a bit untrusting of my letter.  It’s a short message but you’ll hear what I mean after you have a listen…

[audio:|titles=oos voicemail-3-scam]

Everyone who calls and leaves a message or even hangs up gets a call back.  Everyone except for people wondering what kind of scam I’m running.   So far everyone that has called from my out-of-state owner letters has left a message on my voicemail, there have been no hangups.  I use a Google voice number and just a short message saying that if they are calling about a house they are looking to sell, leave a message with a description of the house.


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