First Meeting of the NNJREIG

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Not sure if there is an official name for it yet, but last night Bruce and I joined about 10 other real estate investors in the back room of a diner to meet, network and talk about REI.  I’m going to dub this the Northern New Jersey Real Estate Investors Group…Sound good?

It was good to see Bruce again, as we have only really talked on the phone since meeting about 2 years ago at the forums.   I spent about 2 hours at the meeting and found out that there were no less then 4 other people there who I have had some communications with in the past.

Ryan, a guy I have met last year at a since defuncted meetup group meeting and someone who really gets his name out there.  I see his Ryan Pal signs all over the area and he’s constantly working short sales and the GSREIA yahoo group message boards.  He is a good person to know.

Tom Panucci. I was thrilled to see his name on the mailing list, as I hadn’t talked to him in about a year because I lost his information.  He and his partner Scott where pretty much the first to investors that I contacted from one of their “We Buy Houses” signs to network with.  Great guy and I look forward to talking with him more.

Brian. I didn’t catch his last name, but I had spoken to him on the phone about a buyer for a property I was helping a friend try and sell.  It didn’t work out, but it was good to put a face to the voice.

All in all the meeting went great, there was a Short Sale negotiator guy there who I can pass all my short sale leads to and get payed a referral for closed deals.  There were a few newbies there as well as some experienced guys and all seemed very friendly and willing to help.  Looking forward to the next meeting.

As for the meeting with Jon Zorrer’s group today, it unfortunately has been cancelled so I’ll have to wait 2 weeks till the next one.  hopefully i’ll be able to drive by then so I can go.

Aweber Update

So far I’ve heard nothing but positive things about aweber.  Seeing that the first month only costs $1, I am going to sign up and give it a shot.  It will be a good place to keep track of all the new contacts I’m meeting at these meetings.

Have a good Thursday everyone!

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  1. hold up wait!!!!

    You're going to pass up your short sale deals to someone else for a few bucks while they make buckets of cash?

    are you crazy!!!

    How about speaking with me first before you go and do that so I can show you how you can still make buckets of cash before you settle for 'referral' dollars you silly silly man

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