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overwhelmedFor some reason today I woke up feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious.  Maybe it’s because I’m going back to work after another holiday and I don’t want to, or because the summer is over and I feel like I’m starting school…haha

I get this feeling from time to time and I like to share it because I know other newbie investors get it as well and I wanted to say it’s normal.  What I’ve learned to do is just ignore it and get more focused.  This feeling usually comes when one of my goals is about to be accomplished (getting my license) and I have to move on to the next, which is scary because I don’t know what to expect.

My next goal is to hang my license with either Exit Realty Gold or my friends mother.  My friends mother is a broker, but works alone and would not charge me much at all. While ERG is a very investor friendly brokerage who has quite a few realtors who are investors also.   I like the networking possibilities of ERG over my friends mom, but cheaper always has it’s advantages.

So that will be a decision I will be making shortly. This is because By the end of next week I’ll be graduating the pre-licensing class.  Then it’ll be time to take the licensing test.

Today in class we are going to be taking the practice exam and I had no time to study this past weekend so hopefully I can still pass it. Even though it’s a practice test, I’m still nervous.

On a side note, sorry for the lack of non internet marketing posts over the past 2 weeks.  I’ve been focusing on getting that aspect of my business up and running and really need to learn it.  Since I don’t have a big monthly budget to spend on marketing (lists and postcards can get expensive), I figured the internet was the best place to go.  Plus I’m in front of a computer about 12 hours a day so it makes it easier.

Keep looking forward to my 30 day challenge posts.  I got my first traffic to the probate site yesterday.

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