Whoa whoa whoa those Wildwood days

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wildwood_signA few last things before I head down to Wildwood Crest, NJ for a week long vacation on the beach and boardwalk.  I’ll be eating a lot of ice cream, Curly’s Fries and hamburgers!

Real Estate Licensing Class

We have officially reached the half way point!  Yesterday I learned about types of leases and the laws concerning them.

Net Lease – A lease wherein payments to the lessor do not include insurance and maintenance, which are paid separately by the lessee
Gross Lease – A property lease in which the landlord agrees to pay all expenses which are normally associated with ownership, such as utilities, repairs, insurance, and (sometimes) taxes.
triple net lease – A lease in which the lessee pays rent to the lessor, as well as all taxes, insurance, and maintenance expenses that arise from the use of the property
double net lease – – A lease in which the lessee pays rent to the lessor, as well as all taxes and insurance expenses that arise from the use of the property

I will be missing next weeks classes, which is ok because you are allowed to miss up to 4 classes.  I’ll just have to read over the 3 chapters I’ll be missing by myself.  That won’t be fun but it should not take long at all and they deal with math which should make it go faster.

Article Marketing

One way to really get your websites noticed is to right some articles about your local real estate area and then publish those articles to sites like ezinearticles.com and other such sites (i post a list of the other sites when I have more time).   I’ve published some of my articles on this site to ezine to test out the waters and have gotten some traffic already from just the 2 articles I’ve posted.   I will be publishing articles from my local blog in the near future in order to continue my marketing for that site.  Sometime over the next week I will post an update on how the craigslist and facebook marketing is going.

Time to Relax!!

hopefully i will have good internet access when i’m down there and I can post a few more items.  I plan on looking at some real estate down there as I would imagin now is a good time to get some rentals for real cheap.  we will see 🙂


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