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wordpressFor those of you who have been following my old blog and participating regularly I thank you very much and I hope you find my new blog a welcome change.  The reason for the change to a wordpress blog was because I wanted to offer more and the ability to have tabs (Home, About Me, My Blog, etc..) made the choice a no brainer.  It also gave me more control over the look and design of the page as I am using 1and1 for the hosting and they have been very good so far.

Please bookmark Http://www.StrugglingInvestor.com if you continue to follow me.

…which should be easier to remember then sjcostello.blogspot.com.

My intent is to also have Articles which are written by myself and others who visit my site.  I’ve written about 10 so far and  Tampa Steph has donated an article about Reo’s already.  For those who have yet to visit her site it is a must (flipthiswholesaler.blogspot.com).

If there is anyone else who wants to contribute an article I would be honored and grateful and will do my best to promote your blog/site in order to build traffic for you.  You can write about what ever you want.

I also want to start a little “Newbie” article section that will give a first hand account of what it took for you to get started.  So if you are a newbie send me a quick article describing what you have gone through so far, what your fears are and how you are currently doing.   It doesn’t have to be long, maybe 500 words but I’m sure it will greatly benefit any new investor who reads it.   If you are an experience investor I’d love to get an article from you describing your first year in the business.

Goal Review from last week…

  1. Make an offer on a house. – ALMOSTI went and did a drive by of the house on saturday, but couldnt’ really look around because it was pouring rain. It’s been raining here in NJ, everyday for the past 2 weeks and it sucks! So i decided I wanted to get inside the house left a message for the realtor on saturday night to see if I could see it early this week. I was just going to make the offer anyway, but I actually wanted to meet the realtor in person to help establish more of a relationship. Thus far is has been a few calls and mostly email.
  2. Go to the Courthouse and bring home the Probate Leads – FAILED
    Stupid me neglected to tell my wife my plan was to go to the courthouse on friday after work and she had already made plans for us. So I brokered a deal and told her I’d go next Friday instead. Hey what can i say, the wife comes first! Who’s whipped?
  3. Send out Probate Mailers – FAILED
    Obviously if I didn’t get the probate leads, I couldn’t mail anything out to them…crap!
  4. Get my new blog up and running – DONE
    Hope you are liking it!
  5. Post ads on craigslist on Monday, Wednesday and Friday looking for properties. – DONE
    I actually did it on Monday, Thursday and Saturday but I’ll call that a success. I did get one person who filled out my form and I’ll tell you more about it in my next post.

Overall I did shitty! Worst week yet when it comes to getting my goals done.

This weeks Goals…

  • Make Offer on property
  • Read into Internet Marketing for leads
  • Place ads on Craigslist and Fijiji on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Pay off my wifes Student loans
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