Blank Mind

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I didn’t get much done yesterday. I got caught up watching the Yankees and playing with my dog. I knew I shouldn’t have turned that TV on, it just saps the willpower right out from underneath you. I did sign up for the training to get my Realtor License. It will start on July 21st and to through September 24th. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 to 9:45pm. I’m looking forward to it, but it reminds me a lot of summer …

Bloggy Award! – Almost Forgot

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The winner of the first ever Bloggy Award for INFO BLOG Is… Was a close Vote. 7 – – Rei Tips3 – FadiZeidan.com2 – The next Award will be for “Best Wholesaler Blog” Voting will begin tonight

Productive Weekend

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I got alot of things done this past weekend. From my last post you can see I finished up all my goals for the week which is good. I finally called two For Rent signs. One I left a message to get back to me, I asked about the rent and size of the place. If the realtor calls me back I will ask if the owner is interested in selling the house or looking to buy more. The number …

Goals for 5/4 to 5/10

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I did well this week with my goals. finished all 5 of them… 1) Get the numbers for 2 For Rent houses This wasn’t easy as I think I got the only 2 houses that are For Rent in my town. I now remember back a few months a did some research of the percent of rentals in some areas and Hanover came back at less then 1 percent. The couple for rents I’ve seen in the past seem to …

Driving around in my automobile

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In an attempt to find the “for rent” houses in my area, I drove around my neighborhood on my way home from work yesterday. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the houses that I thought were for rent, but I did see a couple of houses that were of some interest. It just hit me, that I should have taken a picture and posted it here. Anyhow, the house looks like it was going to be renovated but they only got as …