Goals for week 6/1 to 6/7

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As the weather gets warmer so does my will to get this real estate investing career humming. This past week was a short week for me because of Memorial day last weekend so I only set myself 3 goals. While I only officially finished one of them, the other two kinda worked themselves out. Lets take a look… Create a Buyers Squeeze Page – DONEMy biggest problem here was finding out what to put on it exactly. I posted a …

It’s the Simple Things in Life

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Many new real estate investors are setting goals that are very attainable, but for some reason just can’t seem to reach them.   The main underlying reason for this failure is yourself.  Plain and simple, you are the one holding yourself back.  You are the one who decides that sitting in front of the TV on Sunday to watch football is a better way to spend your time then looking at open houses.  It’s a choice YOU make! I’ve thought about …

Secret Way to Set Goals

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Like most people I thought I understood how to set goals.  I would say “by this time next year I want to have wholesaled 5 properties.”  Well 1 year later I would have failed miserably or even abandoned all hope many months before.  The reason for failure?  It was the lack of short term goals and weekly action items.  Let me explain a little further… With out a plan it is very difficult to achieve a goal.  My failure to …

What I Learned #1

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From reading other people’s blogs, I’ve found that I get a lot out of reading about what others have learned from past deals. The lead that I talked about in the last few posts fell to the grave. The investor I gave the lead to the owners of “fair Cash Offer” that I later found out insulted them. When we tried to call them back they wanted nothing to do with us and thought we were all in cahoots. Any …

Goals for week 5/25 to 6/1

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Last week I did ok on my goals. I set some lofty ones and got a good start on them all but with the holiday weekend I got side track towards the end of the week. So lets do a reviewsky… Advertise JerseyRei.com on Craigslist 3 times – DONE This was easy and I finish this up last monday. I didn’t get many responses at all, I got one person to sign up for the site, but that was about …

Another Step Closer

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I had a good time spending my memorial weekend with family and friends. Had a bbq to go to each day and got a chance to spend extra time with my wife because she took off work on Sunday and Monday. For those who haven’t followed from the beginning, my wife and I work opposite hours so weekends are the only time we really see each other. On to Rei news…. Saturday I got to meet up with the lead …

House Research and Seller Questions

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I got a call back from the lady who responded to my mailer. I setup an appointment to go see the house on saturday morning. I couldn’t get much out of her on the phone. I’m not sure HOW motivated they are as this seems to be the first attempt at selling the home. She said they were going to sign up with a realtor but saw my postcard and wanted to give me a call first. Not screeming motivation …

You won’t beleive this!

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Everyone better sit down, preferably in a chair that isn’t to high off the ground…you ready? I just got a call from one of my mailers! Amazing I know…It’s been about a month since my last call. I didn’t get much out of this lady, she is going to have her husband call back later (we’ll see). She did say they are trying to sell her mother-in-laws house and that they are in florida and the house is in NJ.

Art of Creative Deal Structuring

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Just a quick post. The other day I listened to a great phone call from Steve Cook that dealt with Creative Deal structuring. if you have a chance down load this and listen… http://reitips.com/special/deal-structuring/replay/

Goals for 5/18 to 5/24

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This week was a little hectic as I lost a couple days to some family emergencies. So it was good that I only assigned myself 3 goals. I did ok with all things considered but I think I could have done a better job, lets review… Get pre qualified for a loan. DONE This I sort of cheated on cause I had a Pre-Qual letter from Coastal Funding already. Like I mentioned in a previous post I had forgotten I …

Total Money Makeover

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I just got my copy of Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover yesterday in the mail. I’m excited to get into the guts of the book and make some changes to my financial life. Granted my wife and I do a great job of limiting our debt with credit cards (we have none), but even with a decent savings out house mortgage and car payments really keep us having to work our JOBs and be fearful of loosing them. As …

Networking Attempt

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I’m starting to get the hang of creating webpages pretty quickly using joomla and random templates. Those RocketTheme.com templates are amazing! Anyhow I’ve always been looking for a forum or group that is really local to the area I’m investing in. The REIA’s in my area have investors that are more focused on urban areas such as Newark, Jersey City, Patterson and North Bergan. This doesn’t do me very good if I’m looking to network with investors in my area, …

Goals for 5/11 to 5/17

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Review of last weeks goals * DONE – Find owner of vacant house I found out the the owner of the vacant house was the owner of a larger lot that included the house next to it. The house wasn’t for sale but part of a future investment. * FAILED – Get Prequalified so I can make offers I attampted to get prequalified but was declined because of my debt to income ratio. I was attempting to get the prequal …

Night off????

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Last night I was sitting in my condo trying to think of something real estate related to do…..I came up with nothing! I was kind of mad at myself because there were 3 hours right in front of me just waiting to be taken advantage of. I looked at my weekly goals and the only thing I didn’t have accomplished was calling a hard money lender. Well it was 8pm so a little late for that. I decided to look …


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Today is my day to try and get Pre-Qualified. I talked to the broker that is working with the realtor I just found and I actually got rejected for any kind of mortgage…haha. That is basically because I was trying to pull the mortgage myself (excluding my wife) and making 80k and 800 credit score just wasn’t going to cut it with my current bills (even though those bills are shared with my wife). I didn’t want them to run …