100 % Call back rate!

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Well that makes 2 for 2, I got a call from a nice lady over the weekend regarding my letter I sent out to her about the vacant house I found. She is the daughter of the woman who had died and along with her brother have inherited the house. She said that her brother is handling the sale of the house and gave me his name and number. I’m going to attempt to call him tonight after I get …

Woof woof

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I forgot to mention that on my open house tour I saw my first “We buy houses” sign stuck to a telephone poll. Took me like 5 trips through the intersection before I finally hit a red light so i could see and write down the number. It also had a webpage… NjQuickSell.Com …so I looked them up and sent out an email. I said that I saw there sign and was wondering if they were looking for any birddogs. …


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As with every weekend, this one went by way to quickly! Here is the round up of what I did.. Mailers to Vacants SHOCKINGLY, I received a phone call from one of the 2 letters I sent out on Friday. It turned out that the house wasn’t vacant, whoops. The 85 year old man who lived in the house called. He was nice, and I apologized for the mistake. He did however confirm that the other house (the one next …

Sent out Letters

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This week wasn’t my most productive week. I’m not sure what happened, I just think I didn’t prioritize my time to well. Last night I did manage to finalize the letters for the vacant homes, re-found the owner’s addresses and dropped the letters off in the mail today. They should be calling me by Tuesday at the latest ready to hand me the keys for cheap!! I was going to write it out by hand, but then I thought of …

Expanding Network

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Besides celebrating my birthday this past weekend at the Melting Pot (mmmm goood) I got a few things accomplished. Open Houses I took my wife with me this time and went to 6 open houses. Which actually puts me at the half way point to achieving my goal of 100. It sucks that there is only really a 3 hour window (1pm to 4pm) to see open houses. To see more in that time frame I’m going to have to …

Vacant House Sales Letter

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I finally got fed up with myself for putting off writing the sales letter to those vacant houses I mentioned a while back that I wrote my first draft last night. Gonna re read it tonight and then send it out on saturday. If it’s any good I don’t know but at least I’ll have sent it out and made first contact. Here is the first draft of the letter… Hi Owner I’m sorry to contact you like this, but …

Failed Goal

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As you probably are aware I didn’t make any offers before Halloween. I’m pretty pissed about that. I have no excuses, but I will be making those 10 offers by the end of this month.

Talking to People

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Over the past few weeks I’ve made a concerted effort to try and talk with people in the Real Estate business instead of just reading posts and material on Investing. In doing so I can feel myself moving to the next step, at least mentally. Last Friday I stopped by my friend’s Parents house to say hello because I haven’t seen them in a few months. His mom is an appraiser and runs her own business. What I didn’t know …