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    2. Hi Scott,

      Not sure how you manage to get time to put all this info together, but your video tutorials, especially the Podio information, has been invaluable for us as a new company and has saved us a huge amount of time while providing us with an excellent understanding of how to setup our own automation. Many thanks!

      Recently, we had an “accident” and deleted our main Leads app. After the initial shock & horror thinking that we’d lost everything, Podio responded to our distress call and advised that they could retrieve the app for $100. As of yet we haven’t seen the app restore, but it has of course left us wondering how to deal with this scenario in the future.

      I believe many users may find an article about backing & restoring Podio very helpful (including ourselves) of course. I’m interested to know your particular method of backing up your complete Podio account, and if you have tried, tested or had experience of any of the Podio extensions or other third party apps?

      Many thanks

      1. Post

        Hey Steve,

        You bring up a very important part of a lead management system…backups. It is also something that 99% of people overlook or just ignore and I’m one of those people. Like you said there are 3rd party solutions for this and I will explore them and write up a blog post as soon as I do.

        Podio does allow you to clone Apps (data and structure). So one way to do it is create a backup workspace and every so often just reclone your apps over to the backup workspace. It’s very manually but will help you from losing all your data if accidents happen.

        it is nice to know that Podio will restore a deleted App (even if it costs $100).

    3. Hi Scott,

      To get the ball rolling with your research and blog post about the backing up of Podio, I’d like to advise of the recent “Restore” which Podio has now delivered to us following the accidental deletion of our Leads App earlier this week.

      We received this reply to our support ticket – :

      “Great news! Because this Organization is on a paid Organization, we can recover this App for you at a charge of $100.”

      Note in particular, the word “App”. What we received in fact was not a restore of the App, but 2 files:

      14520359 – Leads – Comments.xlsx
      14520359 – Leads.xlsx

      So in a nutshell, and to the best of my understanding, Podio themselves do not have a method of backing up complete user accounts, workspaces or even apps, from which a user can restore to a prior working state. We now need to employ several VA’s to reinstate all the attachments, images, URL’s, tasks, workflows etc, within a new app which thankfully we’ve managed to clone from a training workspace we created.

      We all recognize that Podio is a wonderful tool to have in our arsenal and (along with GlobiFlow) can save many thousands of hours over the year, but users need to be aware of the risks involved (& additional costs of plugins or extensions) when making a decision about which CRM to use; and in particular, the time and effort which may be at risk following the setting up of a CRM which lacks an effective, easy to use, incremental, inbuilt backup system within the subscription .

      I’m definitely a Podio convert, but will be extra “EXTRA” cautious about backing up our Podio account in future.

      Keep up the great work – I look forward to your blog about Backing up Podio with great anticipation !

      1. Post

        Hi Steve,

        I very much appreciate the follow up. It is VERY interesting to hear that Podio just sends you a backup Excel file of your Apps data and does not actually restore the app.

        You may not need to upload all the images again. In Podio, Images are stored separately from an app and only linked to an app. So you may get lucky.

        Good info though!

    4. Hi Scott,

      The images aren’t really a problem, Google Maps & Zillow API’s will find those, but I’m disappointed that even their own “backups” are not really what you’d expect from a company of this magnitude, and certainly not sufficient to fully restore a previous “state” in a users workspace.

      This is very basic when it comes to offering online products such as this, and essentially forces the user to pay yet more for a service Podio really should be offering as part of a subscription at the very least.

      I’ve tried one of the scripts advertised as being a “great backup solution”, but it was very clunky, and very slow. The security side of it didn’t seem too safe either.

      For most people, scripts won’t be the answer – ie: One of the better scripts relies on installing the script on a hosting server.

      1. This means that you need a Hosting server in the first place
      2. Also means that you need to ensure the hosting server is backed up

      Here’s a link to a 6 page post asking about backups, but after 4 years seems like no further movement forward with the idea!

      Great product, great tutorials everywhere, but this has become a real concern for us following our recent experience.

      Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

    5. Hi Scott,

      I’m reaching out to ask whether you would be interested in a content marketing swap. I learned about you since we get some visitors to our website via this blog post: Thank you for the mention! I think that there is potential growth opportunity across our shared audiences. Since we’re in the business of improving business operations by managing business mail and providing business addresses, we work with other real estate professionals.

      We are looking for guest contributors for our blog and would also love to disseminate the content that we’ve written for real estate professionals (like this post that has >1300 views since publishing:

      Please let me know if you’re interested in discussing further!


      P.S. I think you simple captcha plugin is not working on the contact form.

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