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Marketing Monday: Early Postcard Returns Are In

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postcard mania10 days have past since I sent out the first batch of 530 postcards.  My hope was to match the response I was getting from the yellow letter marketing I was doing before, 12%.  Well, I must say I’m extremely disappointed with the response rate so far.  We have gotten 1 call, yup just 1!   The only interesting part of this call was that it was from a deaf person who was using some sort of service that translates some how.    Seems to be a little motivation there, but not much.

Sure, not everyone calls right away after receiving a marketing piece, but 10 days should be a good amount of time to get some solid feeling on how it’s gonna play out.  I’m still going to keep up with the plan and touch these people 6 more times with the postcards to see what happens.

This also brings up a good question….

I’ve sent these Out-of-State leads postcards and once I’m done with this campaign, when can I start up my next campaign with this same list?  Should I wait a 6 months, 1 year or longer?   If the postcards aren’t working then I’d like to hit them with my yellow letters to see how that works.  Who has an opinion?


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