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Marketing Monday: Will Postcards Pull Better Then Letters?

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postcard maniaI am always looking for the best, most efficient and biggest bang for my marketing buck.  My current setup is that I send out “yellow letters” that I print from my lead management program using a custom font that I had created from my hand writing.  This has worked great but is a tad labor intensive.

My friend Sharon Vornholt told me about a company called PostcardMania that she has been using recently.  She sends out all her marketing through this company and has nothing but great things to say!  Sharon actually was able to do a one-on-one interview with the owner of the company, Joy Gendusa.  You can listen to it here…

Sharon Vornholt’s interview with Joy Gendusa

I am going to give Postcard Mania a try, in fact I have a phone call setup with them today to go over what I’m looking for.   I’m going to have them design a postcard for me (I think it will cost $99) and then put together a campaign.  From what I understand, they will do everything for you.  Just give them your leads, buy the postage and postcards and they will put them all together and send them out.

I’ll let you know how it goes…

On a side note, I’m interested to know what everyone else has had the most success with?  Postcards, Business Cards, Professional Letter,  Hand Written letters...??

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  1. Hey Scott –

    I’m so excited that you are talking to Postcardmania. I think you are really going to like them, not to mention the fact that you can get one thing off your plate. Also, thanks so much for sharing Joy’s interview on your blog. I will be sure to let them know that you were kind enought to do that. Let me know what you think after you talk to them.


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      Thanks for sharing your postcard experience Mike! I”ve only had experience with yellow letters right now, but I’ll be sure to let everyone know how the postcards are working once I send them out.

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