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In order for me to stay on point and treat real estate investing more as a business and less like a hobby, I’m going to be creating a weekly marketing plan.  This plan will be based off my $200 budget and 2 hours a day (9 to 11) that I have.   I may be able to spend more then 2 hours a day on REI, but from 9pm to 11pm that is what I will be doing.

I’ve tried similar “Scheduling of my time” in the past but have fallen flat on my face.  The reason most of the time was that something would come up and crumble my perfectly timed out schedule to the ground.  This time I’m trying to keep it simple and block out the same 9 to 11 time frame each and every day.    That time is late enough where I can get done with what ever needs to be gotten done after I get home from work.

I will have a main focus each day that will get done first.  If I finish my main focus,  I will then move on to additional tasks until 11pm.


Main Focus: Gather Out-of-State Owners leads for Morristown,  Lake Hopatcong,  Mt. Arlington and Rockaway and upload lists to SI Lead Manager.

Additional task (time permitting)

  • determine if my printer can print out yellow (or white) lined notebook paper.
  • Fine tune final draft of Out-of-State owners’ letter


Main Focus: Print out all letters for out-of-state owners and prepare the envelopes for mailing

Additional tasks

  • Get all old probate leads who are out of state owners
  • Create second mailing letter for probate leads (possibly use Out-of-State letter?)


Main Focus: Pull list of all cash sales in GSMLS and record into excel spread sheet

Additional tasks

  • Create letter to send to buyers
  • Cross reference cash sales with tax records to find buyers name


Main Focus: Finish pulling cash buyer names from tax records and eliminate buyers who’s mailing address is bought property.

Additional tasks

  • Create database to store buyers


Main Focus: work on Mindmap for Real Estate Investing business (create scheme for finding buyers)

Guest Post By Me

Last week Sharon Vornholt of Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog asked me to write a guest post for her site.  The focus of my article was on how a manage my 9to5 job and real estate investing.   Sharon is a frequent visitor to my blog and has has an excellent blog herself.  So if you have the time, jump on over to her place.

Guest Post by me: 9 to 5 to Freedom

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