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30DC28Today I learned about High-Quality Backlinks.  HQ Backlinks are the ultimate goal of any SEO marketer.  The reason for this is that a High Quality, Relevant site holds a lot of clout in Google’s mind. When one of those sites supports your site, with a link, that is like the president of a company recommending one of his employees for a promotion.  Das Good!

Outside of scouring the internet for sites with PR’s of 3 or higher, a great way to get said backlinks is by getting your site listed on DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, and any ‘.edu’ and ‘.gov’ site.

DMOZ Directory is the largest human-edited directory on the web.  They manually review and approve web site submissions, so you want to make sure your site is full of great content before submitting your site for review.

Yahoo Directory on the other hand will just cost you money, to the tune of $299 per year.  A tad pricey for someone just getting started, but once you have a steady stream of income coming in then it’s very worth it.

Edu and Gov sites.  These are sites like www.harvard.edu or www.nj.gov.  Google figures that any link from an education or government site should be treated as a quality site.  Good deal if you can actually find one that will give your site a backlink.

As I stated in the last article (day 27) you can use SEOQuake to give you stats on search results for a keyword.

example of a google search with SEOQuake turned on

My Stuff for real estate wholesaling

I convased the net for .gov and .edu sites related to New Jersey Probate and found quite a few government sites as you would expect.  Unfortunately not one of them allow for commenting on articles.  Another way to try and get backlinks would be to send them an email, but you’ll have to be able to offer them a good reason to post your link on that site.  Offering to pay them might work as the government is always looking for some extra money.

Here is a tip I just read about searching google for .gov and .edu sites with in your keywords.

Now, here’s the juicy part of this post. In order to find the .gov and .edu blog and forums simply do a search in Google, Yahoo, and MSN with these terms “inurl:.gov+inurl:blog”, “inurl:.edu+inurl:forum”, “inurl:.gov+inurl:blog, and “inurl:.edu+inurl:forum”.

I’m not going to submit newjerseyprobate.org to DMOZ because the content is lacking at the moment.  Over the next two weeks I’m going to write a bunch of articles and then start my next wave of SEO.  I’m just about done with one of them (Insuring a Vacant house during probate) and have a good idea and some notes for a second article (ToDo list for leaving a house Vacant).

I’m trying to write an article about anything someone might do when a house is in probate or has been inherited.  If someone has an idea leave a comment, I’ll be greatful!

Only 3 days left of the Challenge!  Find out tomorrow what is next

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  2. I definitely can't take credit for the idea, but I'm glad you liked it and please report back on how it is working out for you.

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