30DC – Day 9 – Rank Tracking

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30DC9Rank tracking was the focus of day 9 in the 30 day challenge. The idea here is to keep track of where your domain and posts/articles rank on google for each of your keywords.

This is something fun as you can hopefully watch your site rise in popularity and soon to the first page on Google and other search engines.

The trainers used a Market Samurai and it’s Rank Tracker module to quickly and easily find the rankings for you.  It sure as hell beats searching the pages of Google until you find your site.   There are other options out there  to find your google page ranks but I haven’t used any.  What I’ve used in the past is Google’s Webmaster Tools to get an idea on how I rank for keywords. It’s free of course since it’s Google.

My Stuff

So far newjerseyprobate.org is not indexed or showing up on any searches of google so I’ve got nothing to really get excited about when it comes to my rankings.  This is very common for a new website and Google will eventually find it, so I’m not worried (I wrote this post a few days ago so it might be indexed by the time you read this).

I’m going to keep chugging a long!

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