30DC – Day 7 – Statistics

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30DC7Google Analytics is the tool of the day and a very important one at that.  On day 7 of the 30 day challenge went over using Google Analytics, creating an ad using Market Samurai and the pretty links plugin.

In my mind, the most important thing when trying to develop a website is knowing the stats.  Google Analytics is an awesome free tool that will track TONS of statistics, enough to make you dizzy.  Let me list just some of the tracked items..

  • Number of unique visits to your site
  • Number of unique visits to each page on your site
  • Referring page where the visitor came from (i.e. if someone came from tampasteph’s blog)
  • Number of organic visitors (people who found your site using a search engine)
  • What Keywords they used when searching (they googled “real estate wholesaler blog”)
  • Number of pages the visitors visited on your site
  • How long they where on your site
  • The bounce rate (if they left from the same page they entered on)
  • etc…

That is only a small portion of what it keeps track of.   Knowing your statistics can help you determine what users like and don’t like about your site, allowing you to modify accordingly.

bottom line is you have to use Google Analytics…no question!


Because the training focuses on affiliate marketing to earn money they show you how to create a simple ad that links to a product on affiliate sites like amazon and clickbank.  Not really relevant to trying to attract leads, but if you want to sell them on your service (buying houses) you can setup a quick an easy ad with the tips they give here.

Pretty Links

This is a wordpress plugin that allows you to create internal link pointers.  For example, I want to link to tampasteph’s or shae’s blogs I could create a pretty link…


…within the pretty link plugin.   I would then point that “pretty link” to Shae’s blog at http://www.goodfaithinvesting.com.  Now because in wordpress you can leave out the www.strugglinginvestor.com part of an internal link I can just use  ‘/shae’ to link to Shae’s site.  Makes life easier.

I like this plugin and am going to incorporate it into all my websites.

My Stuff…

This was a pretty quick day of training for me as I’ve installed analytics a few times before so I was just looking for any new tips.   Nothing really ground breaking enough to mention here.

Creating the ad was interesting as I used Market Samurai.   I found a Probate for dummies book on amazon and created a quick ad to place on my site.  This was for testing purposes and I’ll rework the ad later to advertise my services.

Remember, the idea is to get leads not sell products.

I described previously how I used the pretty links plugin, but I’d like to ad that once you create a pretty link you’ll be able to track the number of times that link was clicked.  Very helpful as it provides more information about what visitors are looking for.

That was day 7.

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