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30DC6WordPress was the theme of day 6.  This is the second time where they are using a service/software to help you out.  First it was Market Samurai which I found very helpful and might consider purchasing it when the 45 day trial is up, but we’ll see.

This time the good people at 30 day challenge recommend using WordPress Direct.  WordPress Direct is a service that makes it “easy” for beginners to setup a wordpress site and manage all the plugins, content and monitization of it.    There seems to be some added benefit from using WPD like creating content, but we haven’t reached that point in the training.

I consider myself to be pretty technologically with it.  Most of the time I find learning the actual tool a easier and a better idea then fumbling around with someones “wizard” that is dumbed down.   This is definitely the case with WordPress Direct and WordPress. About half way through setting up WPD I abandoned ship and installed WP on my web host and was off and running.  Well actually I had to hunt down all the plugins that were needed but that didn’t take to long.

I did signup for the free trial of WPD and import the site I setup so I could follow along with the training.  I should be able to translate all that happens there and recreate the affects in regular WP.

The next step for today was to write an article about your topic and post it.  The posting part is about as easy as it gets.  Copy and paste the article you wrote, pick the category it belongs to and post.  They also recommend that you Stick this article to the top as it is optimized for your keyword and will be highly visible when the robots come crawling.

My Stuff…

After Installing wordpress I needed to pick out a theme.  WPD just so happens to have quite a few recommended SEO friendly themes (all free) and I managed to find one I liked.   Simple.

I then had to decide on a Title and subtitle…what do you think??

NJP Heading

My first article I already had written for my Foreclosure website.  I know I know, why did I have a probate article written for a foreclosure website?  Well I wrote it before I fully committed to foreclosures, in fact I wrote two probate articles.  How to Avoid Probate in New Jersey and What To Do With That Inherited House?  Classics if I do say so myself!

Plugin List

Here is the list of plugins they recommend, there is one specific to WPD so you’ll have to join to get it.  Not an important one I don’t think.

  • AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget – by AddThis.com
  • AdSense Manager – by Martin Fitzpatrick
  • Akismet – by Matt Mullenweg
  • All in One SEO Pack – by Michael Torbert
  • Category Posts Widget – by James Lao
  • cforms – by Oliver Seidel
  • Google XML Sitemaps – by Arne Brachhold
  • Sale Offer Ads Plugin – by WPD Team
  • Ultimate Google Analytics – by Wilfred van der Deiljl
  • WordPress Duplicate Content Cure – by Badi Jones
  • WordPress Video Plugin – by Oliver Wunder
  • WP-PostRatings – by Lester Chan
  • WP-PostRatings Widget – by Lester Chan
  • WP-SpamFree – by Scott Allen
  • WP-Sticky – by Lester Chan
  • WP Ad-Manager – by Norio Itabashi
  • WP Tags to Technorati – by David Gibbs
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