30DC – Day 26 – Finding Long Tail Keywords

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30DC26On day 26 we learn how to use Google Analytics and Market Samurai to obtain some long tail keywords.  The reason is that we want to try and expose our blog to the widest range of keywords within our niche that have traffic.   There are two types of long tail keywords that we will be using, Long Tail Derivative Keywords and Semantic Long Tail Derivative Keywords. Let me explain the difference…

Long Tail Derivative Keywords: These are keywords that contain the root Keyword Phrase (New Jersey Probate).  Here is a simple example for a long tail keyword related to New Jersey Probate:  Information about New Jersey Probate. As you can see that the root keyword phrase, New Jersey Probate, is contained within the Long Tail phrase, which is why it’s called a derivative.

Semantic Long Tail Derivative Keywords: These are phrases that do NOT contain the Root Keyword Phrase exactly, but are still semantically related.  So, with the New Jersey Probate example, a Semantic Long Tail Derivative Keyword might be New Jersey Inheritance.

Long tail keywords have their advantages and disadvantages.  Advantages include, less competition and rank more easily.  Some disadvantages are there will be less traffic resulting from these keywords, and you’ll most likely need to find many of these to really make a difference.  This means more articles.

Using Google Analytics to find Long Tail Keywords

This is pretty simple.  There is a feature in Analytics that will display all search phrases that visitors that found your site used.  Lets use my site as an example.  So far I’ve received 21 click throughs from google searches and here are the terms that have been used..

  • new jersey probate (4)
  • can we sell the house before probate closes the estate (1)
  • getting money out of probate new jersey (1)
  • how do I probate a will in nj (1)
  • how is tenancy by the entirety create in nj (1)
  • how to avoid probate new jersey when there is a will (1)
  • in new jersey, once a will goes into probate does that have to take a long time (1)
  • is probate necessary to sell a house in nj (1)
  • new jersey wills and probate law what happens with joint accounts left in other jurisdictions (1)
  • newjerseyprobate.org(1)
  • and more…

Because I don’t have a lot of hits to my site just yet there aren’t a lot of good keywords to pick out of here, but one I would use is how to i probate a will in NJ. Once you have had a decent amount of traffic come to your site, over 200 hits, you’ll have more of a pool to choose from.  You get the idea.

The other good way is to use Market Samurai, but I won’t go over that because you’ll have to pay for that tool.  Actually the Market Samurai tool is based on google keyword search, which would be a great way to look for long tail keywords.

My Stuff for real estate wholesaling

I’m not going to work on long tail keywords just yet as I need to get my visitor count up and improve my rankings.  Tomorrow sometime I will write a review on where my blog stands and then setup my goals for moving forward with this strategy.

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