30DC – Day 25 – Sell Your Blog

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30DC25So what do you do with the blog if you decide to cut bait?  Surprisingly the answer is to sell it!  This is one of the great ideas and one that I never thought of going into the 30DC.  There are a few sites out there that allow you to flip your blogs, crazy I know! I mean who would buy it right?

Apparently there is a pretty big market for selling websites and you can take advantage of it by using Flippa.com.  It’s fairly common to get well over $100 for a website.  Now you can’t just throw one together and try and sell it.  Having original content, an aged domain and a high google ranking for a keyword are very important factors in getting a good sale price.  The good part about the 30DC is that you will have a very sell-able site at this point because of all the hard work you’ve put in.

Other things you can do with the site are setup Google Adsense or other dynamic ad based schemes like

Your site can have multiple combination of the above ads as well.  Just setup an account with each and test out what works well for you.  Clickbank, eBay and Amazon you will earn a percentage of a sale the originated from a click through, while Adsense pays per click.

My Stuff for Real Estate Wholesaling

I don’t really want to be implementing Adsense, Clickbank or host any affiliate ads on my site because I only want to give the readers one exit point from my newjerseyprobate.org blog.  That lone exit point will lead them to my squeeze page and no where else.  This is really important as you don’t want to inadvertently create competition for your service and give your potential leads a choice.

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