30DC – Day 24 – Go or No Go?

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30DC24Go or No Go Day.  On day 24 of the 30DC it is time to analyze your numbers and stats to decide if the niche that was selected is worth pursuing or not.  There is no shame in figuring out that the niche you picked is not viable.  You have learned so much and the elimination of a niche is almost as valuable as finding one that works.

Here are some of the key criteria to consider when figuring to move forward or not…

  1. Of the first 100 people to visit your site have you made a sale or gotten a lead?If the answer is yes, then feel free to move on in the challenge
  2. Are you ranked in the top 5 for your Phrase?If not then there needs to be more effort put forth to improve the sites ranking by creating more articles and getting more backlinks.
  3. Are you getting a decent amount of traffic?At this point 100 visitors or more is a good amount.  Having less the that doesn’t mean you have a bad niche, but it might.  So give it a little more time and create some better, keyword rich content.
  4. Are your ads getting quite a few clicks?If the site gets a lot of traffic but the ads aren’t being clicked then all that might be wrong is the wording of your ad.  Test out a few other options and see what happens.

Here are the “No Go” situations that you might be facing.  In this case “No Go” means you may have to just go backwords in the training and improve some of your efforts.

  1. If you are ranked highly (be on page 20) in google, this is no time to quit but you should not move on.  You either have to go back and create more Squidoo Lenses, Hubpages or write more articles for ezinearticles.  You can also use PPC (pay per click) to get more traffic but that’ll cost you money.
  2. You are ranked and on page one, but you aren’t getting any traffic.  This could mean there just isn’t a good enough market for your niche.  If that is the case you should really think about finding a new niche or keyword.

My Stuff for real estate wholesaling

Even though my traffic is very low and I’ve yet to get a lead I’m going to continue moving forward.  The reason is that my goals are different then the 30DC even though I’m using the same techniques.  Volume of visitors is not the main motivation, it’s more about the quality.

Just think, I want the person who lives in New Jersey and has recently been put in a situation where they need to sell a house they inherited.   If there are 5, 10 or 1 of them, I want those people to be able to find my site read some information and see my ad and visit my squeeze page.

To put it another way, in the 30DC they are trying to find a keyword to market an affiliate product too.  I being a real estate investor have the product (service actually) and just need to

  • reach my target market
  • give them confidence in my knowledge
  • tell them what I can offer and the advantages
  • give them an easy path to contact me

That is how I see it anyway.  If you disagree with me I’d love to hear what you have to say…

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