30DC – Day 23 – Day Off

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30DC23We are getting another day off on day 23.  It comes at a good time because I need to go back and learn adwords a little bit better and get my quality scores up.  If you fall below an a 5 Google gives you a warning.  I’m not sure what the warning means, but I don’t like warnings!  hahaha.

The creators of the Thirty Day Challenge apparently provides a podcast where they discuss what’s new in internet marketing.  I’ve never listened to it before but they gave us a taste of what is on the horizon and a few Farovite Tools of the week. If you have a few minutes have a listen here…

That was great wasn’t it?  If anyone has any good Internet Marketing tips I’d love to hear them as well.  Go ahead and post a comment.

A Quick My Stuff Update

I’ve gotten a total of 8 adwords clicks so far.  It’s been divided up pretty evenly between my New Jersey Probate and New Jersey Wills Campaigns.  I disabled my campaign about New Jersey Estates because I was getting a TON of impressions but not many click throughs.  This means that my quality score was going down (in fact it was a 4/10) and that results in me paying more per click.  I’ll revisit that keyword a little later and see if I can adjust the campaign a bit to improve my quality score.

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