30DC – Day 20 – Ad Groups

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A g30DC20reat feature in Google Adwords is the ability to create Ad Groups based on different keywords.  Having the different groups makes it easy to split up and track your ads separately depending on keyword.  Also within each group you can create different ads that Google will rotate.

Having different ads will increase the amount of traffic you get and create a good testing ground to decide which ad works the best for a particular keyword.

Ads within an Ad Group should only differ slightly from each other.  For example

Sell Your House Fast!
Behind on payments? Need to sell Now?
Sell Your House In 2 Weeks!

Sell Your House Fast!
In Foreclosure? Need to sell Now?
Sell Your House In 2 Weeks!

The idea is to find out which phrases/words best catch the viewers attention. Once you have enough clicks (say 200+) you’ll be able to analyze the stats and form an even stronger ad campaign.

My Stuff related to Wholesaling Real Estate

So far my ad campaign has produced 1 click and it cost me $0.20.   I really understand how the fees work now, the higher your google ranking is the lower the percentage of your bid price you will pay per click.  I bid $0.50 so I was happy to only be paying 20 cents.

I created another ad for my New Jersey Probate Ad Group.

And here are the two ads I created for New Jersey Estate Ad Group.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get more clicks.  As always though this is a work in progress and must be tweeked over and over again until you hit on something that works.   I’m glad I’m trying Adwords because I was kind of scared of it before.

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