30DC – Day 19 – Setup Google Adwords

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30DC19It is time to start paying for your traffic.  On day 19 of the thirty day challenge we setup our Google Adwords accounts and our first campaign.  If anyone is not sure how adwords is used let me give you a screen shot and explain it a bit…

adwords example

Adwords ads appear on the right side of the Google Search Results, it also sometimes appears on top as well.   The position of where your ad appears is determined by how much you are willing to pay per click.  In addition ads only appear based on the words/phrases the user is searching for.  Above I searched for New Jersey Probate and you can see all the sponsored links relate to probate.  You can see how effective using adwords can be.

In my last post about Day 18 I gave you some miss information about what you actually pay.  Here is the formula

Price You Pay = Your Max Bid * Quality Score

The quality score is made up of three elements.

  1. Relevance of your advertisment to the searched keywords
  2. Click Thru Rate.  (higher click rate shows google that your ad is relevant)
  3. Landing Page. (an interesting, and relevant landing page will put you in good standing with google)

Setting Up Adwords Tips

Setting up an account is pretty straight forward but here are a few tips from the 30DC that will help you get started.

  • Make sure to setup your target market correctly by assigning the right territory (i used new jersey)
  • Set a daily budget (say $100)
  • Set bidding to manual so you can fine tune the your CPC (cost per click)
  • make the headline of your ad {keyword: <your keywords here>} (i.e. {keyword: New Jersey Probate}).  This will place the search term as your heading and highlight any of your keywords.
  • Use Post Pay for your billing method

My Stuff for finding Real Estate Wholsaling Leads

I had no problems following the directions from the good people at 30DC and setup my account in about 15 minutes.  Actually it took me an entire weekend, but that is because I started it before I left word on Friday and did not get to complete the setup until this morning.  All in all it took me 15 minutes.  The ad I setup for New Jersey Probate was simple to create.

my adwords

It is already showing up in Google searches for new jersey probate.  It’s been up for about 3 hours and no clicks yet, but according to Google’s click estimator I should get between 3 and 4 clicks per day.   Nothing crazy, but seriously how many people are searching for Probate in New Jersey per day?

Day 20 provides more information about Adwords so stay tuned for that.

Also look for an update on how my page is doing.

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