30DC – Day 18 – Paid Traffic

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30DC18Today we went over the ways in which you can get traffic to your website. The truth is there is no free way to get traffic, you have to pay for it in one way or another. You pay by either spending money to use adwords or other pay per click (ppc) service out there or you spend your valuable time building up your sites SEO with article publishing, keyword optimizing and backlink creation.

Paying For Traffic

You can pay for traffic in many ways but in reality there are three main categories.

Pay Per Click

  • Google Adwords
  • Yahoo Search Marketing
  • Microsoft AdCenter
  • Facebook Demographic

Banner Advertising

  • You can buy banner ads on people’s sites, emails or wherever

Buying Links

  • you can pay to have a website put your link in an article or some place in there website.

Quoting Ed Dale on this “…I believe the most effective method of traffic is, in the end, for any business that’s worth it’s salt is going to be Pay Per Click traffic…” For me there really isn’t any arguement here. There is a reason why google allows you to set up daily/monthly budgets. That reason is because PPC works so well with driving traffic to your site. That is GREAT, but if your site is not put together well or the product you are offering is not interesting to the targeted traffic, you still won’t make any sales and you’ll have a big PPC bill to pay.

Free Traffic

This is what the first 17 days of the Thirty Day Challenge has been about. It’s a very effective, risk free way of driving traffic to your site. To review…

  • Search Engine Optimization
    • On page (content, keywords)
    • Off Page (Backlinks)

If you don’t have the money for paid traffic then it’s ok to continue and take advantage of use SEO to drive traffic to your page.

For a successful niche market site it is recommended that you average 200 visitors per day and convert about 10% of those to sales.

TIP: it is highly recommended to build up your websites Index and Rank before using PPC as it is a sure fire way to limit your costs. That is straight out of Google’s mouth.

My Stuff for Wholesaling Real Estate and getting leads

This is where it gets a little bit dicey for me as I don’t want to be spending to much money up front on this venture into internet marketing. However I’ve been interested in testing out adwords for some time now and I think I’m going to take the plunge. It is very safe and you can control exactly how much money you will spend by setting a budget.

Let me do a little hypothetical math here…

That would be kinda steep for me right now. I may setup a test for 5 days and see how it works and then adjust from there. These numbers all depend on what I will have to pay per click, it might be 10 cents and then my projected costs are double. See how it could get costly? Stay tuned

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