30DC – Day 14 – Weebly and Facebook Pages

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30DC14Did you know there is another blogging site out there? I didn’t!  It’s called Weebly and it’s another blogging platform that 30DC recommends setting up a keyword optimized blog on.  They go through how to setup an account and then some of the features on the site, it’s very basic.    Again you’ll need a unique article that is optimized with your main keyword and then you’ll just post it to the blog.   There are no special tips, just add a picture or two and highlight the keywords by bolding and underlining.  Also make sure to have 2 to three links pointing back to your main site.

The other part of day 14 was setting up a Facebook Page that focuses on your keyword.  This isn’t crucial to the thirty day challenge but is recommended to be setup so you can get use to using Facebook and Facebook pages.  Ed Dale (the creator of the 30DC) believes that Facebook will be huge, in terms of product and business marketing, in the near future.  Hard to argue with him on that!

My Stuff

I first created the article for Weebly titled: New Jersey Probate: How much does it Cost? Then I created a weebly account and chose the subdomain to use.  As you probably can guess by now I’m using newjesrseyprobate.weebly.com.  Once the challenge ends I’ll go back and play around with Weebly to see what it fully has to offer, but for now I’ll just leave it as is.  Looks kinda dull if you ask me.

I’ve dabbled in Facebook pages before and haven’t quite got the knack of them just yet, but I went ahead and setup a page about New Jersey Probate and will slowly ad content as time permits.

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