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30DC13The thirteenth day of the challenge had us create two new blogs.  One using WordPress.com and the other at Blogger.com.  The object of building these two new blogs is for broaden your exposure and also build some more backlinks from some quality domains.  The more the merrier when it comes to getting links to your main site.


Pretty much the most popular blogging software on the planet.  It has a very easy and simple setup process that takes no more then 5 minutes before your ready to post your first article.  Some hints 30DC gave where to

  • Change your Theme from the default one. (sure sign of spam blog if you leave it)
  • Create a category based on your them keyword(s)
  • Create tags for your keyword(s)
  • Delete the “Hello World” post
  • Delete the default Links and add a Link to your Main Site (newjerseyprobate.org)

Another suggestion is to try and use your main keyword as the name of your blog.  WordPress uses the name of your blog as the address (i.e. newjerseyprobate.wordpress.com).  If the name is already taken add a number to the end (newjerseyprobate1.wordpress.com) or some other word.  The point is to keep your keywords together.

Note: WordPress.com is different from WordPress.org.  WordPress.com hosts your blog while WordPress.org is the place where you download the wordpress software in order to install it on your domain host.  Same company different product.


Blogger is Google’s blogging software and is even easier to setup then WordPress.com.  Takes a total of about 2 minutes before your posting your first article.  Here are the tips for blogger.com

  • Use your keywords for the blog title to form an address like keywords.blogspot.com
  • Add a short description and photo to your about information
  • use a unique article
  • emphasis your keywords in the article by bolding, underlining and italisizing
  • No more then 3 links per article

My Stuff

I wrote two more articles for this section, one about how Joint Tenancy affects the probate process and the other about how New Jersey distributes a decedent’s assets when there is no will.  Probably took me 2 hours to write both articles which isn’t to bad.  They aren’t long about 450 words max.  Studies have shown that articles that are overly long cause readers to either skim quickly or not read them at all.  You want them to read the article, think…”Hmm that was good information, let me follow this link for more good information like that.”

After writing the articles I created my wordpress blog (newjerseyprobate.wordpress.com) and my blogger blog (newjerseyprobate.blogspot.com) to publish my articles to.  I did all the suggested items from above and then added the new links to traffic-bug and rank tracker.

i don’t really have any personal tips for this section as it’s pretty straight forward.  The hardest part was just writing the articles.  That makes 7 articles so far that I’ve written and I’m learning a lot about the probate process as well.  Added Bonus!

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