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30DC12So far the Thirty Day Challenge has been focusing on external page rank helpers like writing articles for posting on sites like EzineArticles, Scribd, Squidoo and hubpages in order to improve site visibility and backlinks.  On day 12 we turn our attention back to our blogs and start creating content for it.

We used Market Samurai to locate other articles (about your keywords and category keywords) to use as resources for articles we write.  MS makes this process very easy, or as easy as it can get.  Once you find a resource article you can import it into the Publish Content module to use as the base for your article.  The idea is to allow you to do everything in one place and not have to jump from firefox (webbrowser), to google docs (wordprocessor), to your blog to publish, to traffic-bug and any other place you would normally go in the content creation process.

In my opinion it does all of this remarkably well except for one minor thing.  The content search (where you would find related articles to use as resources) is limited and I found that using google is much better.

My Stuff

I am going to have to get in serious article writing mode and pump out as many as I can over the next couple of weeks.  At this point in the training I am not sure how much content or how often to update the blog they are going to recommend but I’m preparing anyhow.

Last night I wrote an article about the difference between Intestate and Testate and used Market Samurai to publish the article to my blog, it was pretty slick.  To give you readers an idea of the process with market Samurai I’ll bullet point the steps..

– Searched google for my category keywords ‘Probate Intestate’
– Found 3 articles I could use as my resources
– After reading the articles I opened Market Samurai to the Publish Content module and started a new document
– I broke the articles up into 4 parts…introduction, What Testate is, What Intestate is, conclusion.
– Wrote the article based on what I learned from the resource articles
– Gave Market Samurai my blog account login information
– Gave Market Samurai my Traffic-Bug account information
– Pressed ‘Publish’ to publish my article

The Article was then published to my blog, submitted to traffic-bug and also setup in Market Samurai’s Rank Tracker all with a click of the button.  I will say I was pretty impressed. It saved me about 10 to 15 minutes of work, not a lot but enough to make a difference and keep down the annoying jumping around from program to webpage to webpage back to program.

Though Market Samurai would save you a decent amount of time writting and publishing content it’s obviously not necessary and you could easily do the same thing by using Google Search, Google Docs, Google Analytics (for stats) and publish your own content to your blog the manual way.

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